Parents Who Multitask While Driving

I know that parents need to do a lot of things. However, I just don’t seem to understand how some can actually do something so reckless as multitasking while driving (with their kids in the car)! A report of a survey I read this morning showed that “90% Of Parents Multitask While Driving,” saying that,“Ninety percent of parents surveyed admitted that they often take their eyes off the road — saying they had least one technology-related distraction the past month while driving their kids.” That is a ridiculous amount of parents who multitask while driving!

We all like to think we’re capable of effectively dealing with two challenges at once., but the fact of the matter is numerous studies have already proved that doing two tasks at the same time makes us less effective. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown just how dangerous multitasking behind the wheel can be. Let me give you this simple statistical data from the National Safety Council: 25 percent of all car crashes are drivers using cellphones. So parents who multitask, behind the wheel please just don’t! For the sake of your kids, save the phone conversations for when you arrive.