Passion Conference Unites 22,000 Students

Over twenty thousand gathered together in an arena for the sake of hearing God’s message–and no, we’re not talking about a Jeremy Camp concert.  This year’s “Passion conference,” held in Atlanta, generated an audience of  22,000 college-aged persons all eager to share in their passage for Jesus.

According to CNN, the Passion movement was held for the sake of raising $500,000 to be donated to various charities, including  Compassion International, Hope International, Haiti Transformed, International Justice Mission, Bibles Unbound, World Made Flesh, Joint Aid Management, Cure International, Living Water International, and the Atlanta Mission and City of Refuge.  However, the final donation amount far exceeded expectations.  Post-conference, Pastor Louis Giglio announced, “The fact that 22,000 university-aged young people would journey to Atlanta and gather for the name of Jesus is staggering in and of itself,” he wrote. “But the fact that, as a result of His grace in their lives, they would pool their resources to the tune of $1.1 million to fund 10 local and global causes signifies a massive shift.”

In explaining the need for creating such an event as Passion Conference, Giglio explained, “Church was never meant to be an island of self-indulgence, but a missional community of Jesus-followers so in love with Him that they can do nothing else but carry His name to the world […] It is truly inspiring to see a generation that is so hungry for an authentic encounter with Jesus … one that exchanges consumer-driven Christ for Christ-centered obedience.”

More about the event can be learned here.