Picking a Patron Saint for 2013: You Don’t Have to Be Conventional

Many people like to choose an extra patron saint to pray to each calendar year. With 2013 beginning I have seen a few online generators that help you decide on a patron saint to have for the year. Others like to handpick their extra patron saint each year. Both of these methods are pretty cool, and I think it is a great way for people to learn about new saints they might not have known about before.

I read a post on Happy Catholic recently about how the author Julie picked J.R.R. Tolkien as her saint for 2013. I read the title of the post and I was confused seeing as Tolkien has certainly not been canonized. Her reasoning was that she has been turning to her favorite authors in recent months with special petitions. Although Tolkien isn’t a saint, he certainly led a great life and one that a lot can be learned from. Julie likes to write so it makes sense that her favorite writer can be included in her prayers for the year.