Playground Safety Facts For Parents

Playgrounds are one of the happiest places on earth for children, at least for my own tots. Trips to the park and playground have always been welcomed with exuberance and enthusiasm. My children love the playground, but their fondness of it is not the only reason why I take them there. As a parent, I believe that the playground is not just a place for fun and play, but also a great place for learning and development.

However, despite the wonderful opportunities that playgrounds have to offer it cannot be denied that they can also be a source of injury for youngsters. While there is no need for panic, there is a necessity in knowing the facts on playground safety. Here are some that you may well benefit from:

  • According to the National Playground Safety Institute, lack of or improper supervision is associated with approximately 45 percent of playground-related injuries.
  • The most common playground equipment pieces associated with injuries are climbers and swings.
  • Compared to older children, young children have a higher risk of sustaining head and face injuries. Older children are more likely to suffer from upper limb fracture or arm and hand injuries.
  • About 45 percent of playground-related injuries are severe–ranging from fractures, internal injuries, concussions and dislocations.

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