Pope Tells of Saint Hildegard

“Pope Benedict said the life of medieval nun St Hildegard of Bingen demonstrated that “women make a special contribution to theology”.

He was reflecting on the life of the 12th-century German Benedictine religious who experienced mystical visions that “were rich in theological content … They referred to the main events of the history of salvation and use a mainly poetic and symbolic language,” the pontiff said, according to a Catholic News Agency report.

“In the central part of her work she develops the theme of the mystical marriage between God and humankind which came about in the Incarnation.

“Even in this brief outline,” he continued, “we see how theology can receive a special contribution from women, because they are capable of speaking of God and of the mysteries of the faith with their specific intelligence and sensitivity.”

“Hildegard’s popularity led many people to consult her,” the Holy Father recalled. “Monastic communities, both male and female, as well as bishops and abbots all sought her guidance. And many of her answers remain valid, even for us.”

“With the spiritual authority she possessed, in the last years of her life Hildegard began to travel,” the Pope recounted. “She was considered to be a messenger sent by God, in particular calling monastic communities and clergy to a life in conformity with their vocation.”” – “St Hildegard an Example for Women in Theology: Pope”, CathNews

This posting was from CathNews.com and is all about Saint Hildegard. It is good to see Pope Benedict XVI spreading to people how awesome Saint Hildegard was in her life. She is not one of the most popular patron saints, but none the less did wonderful things with her life.