Practicing Catholicism: What It Really Means

I recently read a really great post on Catholic Bandita. The post was titled, “How to Practice Catholicism”, and it starts off by pointing out the difference between being Catholic and being a practicing Catholic. I think we can all relate to this, as we all certainly know people who fall into both categories. The article then moves on to what it means to be a saint. Being a saint means loving Jesus, according to the article, and I found that was definitely an accurate description.

The main point of the article was that you need to know Jesus to be able to love him and project his image to the world. There is a good amount you can learn about Jesus from studying, however you also need to pray often. Through prayer you can learn so much about Jesus and, in turn, yourself. The more personal your relationship becomes with Christ, the easier it will be to project his image to the world.

I thought that this post by Lisa Graas was exceptional and I wanted to share it’s main idea with all of you. Check out her blog Catholic Bandita when you get a chance, it is fantastic.


  1. God reward you, Erin. I pray we all come to know Jesus more and more.