Prayer Takes Work: Don’t Become Distracted

I took the title of this entry from the opening statement of a very enlightening blog post titled, “Making a Plan for Prayer.” I’d like to even quote and share with you a few more words from the article which I feel has some great points for reflection:

It’s true that even the youngest child can prattle off a prayer learned by heart, and many adults will mumble through the prayers at Mass while mentally going over their grocery list or thinking about what they’re going to order at Sunday brunch. But real prayer, truthful prayer, the kind of prayer that enriches your soul; that kind of prayer takes effort.

In many ways, that’s the problem with prayer. It’s hard work, and to get anything out of it takes consistent effort on the part of the person praying.

Prayer takes work, not because there is a wrong and right way to pray. God doesn’t desires perfection in our prayers. Prayer takes work because as humans, we are prone to distractions. There is no doubt that we want to have a conversation with God, but like uninvited guests things in our lives overshadow our minds and guide us away from the Lord–often without us even noticing it.

The post I cited above, offers some great tips on how we can be more focused during prayer.

As Shakespeare said, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” (Hamlet, Act iii, Scene 3)