Praying To Be A Faithful Mother

A mother will influence her child probably more than anybody else they will ever meet in their entire life. It is often said that a child’s faith, values, and characteristics greatly reflect that of his mother’s. These very statements scare me. They make me question my faith, my virtues, and whether I am living a life that is worth emulating.

It is my earnest desire to see my children grow up to be successful, fulfilled, kind-hearted, and happy individuals. But more importantly, I want them to live a life that is in line with Christ’s. I pray everyday that the Lord will strengthen their faith and keep them close to Him as they journey through this life.

But a reading this morning called, “Six lessons from the first woman I ever loved”┬ámade me realize that there was something lacking in my prayer for my children, which is strength for my own faith.

I want to be one of those faithful mothers who their children praise the Lord for when they grow old and have a family of their own. With God’s grace, I know I can be that kind of momma!