Protecting Children From The Perils of Overabundance

I was very happy to finding this eye-opening, reflective, and inspiring post today from Patheos entitled “Parenting in an Age of Affluence.” Aside from making me realize how having too much in life can negatively affect my children, it also gave me a chance to help others who are in need through a very noble project called “Project 1040.”

As parents, we all want nothing but the best for our children. This very desire prompts a lot of parents to provide their kids with everything they ask for. Little do they know that their actions are putting their children in harm’s way. Not a lot of parents may know this but overindulgence is one of the worst things a parenting can do for their child. When we give in to our children’s every whim, we are preparing them for an empty life ahead.

Furthermore a child who always has more than what he needs will very likely take life’s blessings for granted, and fail to see that everything they have is from God.

May all moms and dads always resist the temptation to give our children material things which provide nothing but temporary and shallow happiness. If we must give our children something in abundance, it should be our love, time, and prayers.