Raising Children as Faithful Catholics

It has been my constant prayer and yearning that my children grow to become faithful Catholics who live their lives in preparation for God’s kingdom. I know that a lot of you share this very same desire, but in this sinful world that we are living in this isn’t something that can be done without effort.

There are a lot of things we can do that can help our children develop anĀ eternal love for and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. We can constantly pray for and with them, take them to mass regularly, tell them of God’s love and the basic saving truths from the Bible, and open their eyes to the doctrines of the Church just to name a few. I recently read another mom’s thoughts about the most important thing we can do inĀ Leading Our Children to the Kingdom of God. She believes that there is nothing more influential to our children than our own actions–our very own examples. I thought this was good advice for parents who want to raise good Catholics.


  1. Janet,

    If more people would live the life we tell our children they need to live the world would be a much better place. Unfortunately, many people forget to practice what they so readily preach to their children.

    Thanks so much for sharing an inspirational idea!

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

    • Aaron,

      I completely agree. “Do as I say, not as I do” is something that I think every parent is guilty of at one point or another. I think this type of behavior comes from our deep desire to see our children have a better life than we have. I still don’t think it is right, but I see where it comes from. I try my very best to actually do as I tell my children to. Thanks for your comment!