Raising Kids With Simplicity

Amanda of Crunchy and Candid put up a post today called Simplicity in Parenting. It reminded me of my own dedication to simplicity as a parent; hence this post.

I have always believed that there is great power and beauty in simplicity. I know that by living simply, I am more likely to raise God-fearing (in a good way!), happy, self-confident, and responsible children. However, living simply is not as simple as it sounds. But as they say, there is no difficulty parents cannot overcome for their children.

Well, I know I am far from being the perfect simple parent, but I think I have been doing quite a great job. So if you don’t mind, I will share with you some of the things I do to instill the value of simplicity in my children’s minds:

1. I set as an example.  Children learn primarily by imitation. In other words, they are more likely to follow our actions than listen to our words. With that said, I make sure to practice simplicity and frugality in my life and not give my children the impression that their mother is living a life of materialism.

2. I carefully choose which toys I give them. I do not give in to all my children’s requests. As a matter of fact, buying a new toy would require weeks of deliberation in the family. Kids do not really need a lot of toys and I make sure that I provide them with just the right ones to help them in their development.

3. I teach them the value of money. Whenever my any of my kids ask something, I take that as a chance to teach and remind them about the value of money. And by the looks of it, I think they have understood my explanations.

 Abundance tends to lend itself toward excess, while simplicity implies a focus on the necessities of life.