Raising Passionate Kids: How Can Parents Help?

I read a post this morning titled, “Raising Passionate Children,” and it made me reflect upon the things that I am teaching my children and the qualities that I am trying to help them develop. Raising passionate kids is something I want to try and do a little more actively in the future.

We can teach our kids a lot of things to help them succeed in life; responsibility, dedication, perseverance, etc. When we look at all the great men that have changed the world, it isn’t hard to see what drove them to do the great feats that they have accomplished– burning passion. More than intelligence or skills, it is raw passion that helps people to succeed. When you feel passionate about what you are doing, you feel unstoppable. You feel confident, motivated and full of enthusiasm. Passionate people you don’t stop halfway. This is why raising passionate kids has always been of importance to me.

I believe that inside every child lies a powerful “spark”—a passion or interest that excites and empowers. How do we help our children discover their passion? More importantly, what can we do to nourish and support it?