Receiving Eucharist on Tongue Causing Troubles

I found this posting over on The Catholic Answers Forum and thought it was worth sharing. I have never received the Eucharist on my tongue, but I have seen others attempt to. This person is concerned with how to go about doing this act correctly.

“Since my reception into the Church a few months ago I have wanted to receive Communion on the tongue, but every time I attempt this, it doesn’t go very well and I end up reverting to receiving in the hand. The first time, the EMHC touched my tongue with her hand. My latest attempt resulted in the EMHC (a different one) hitting me in the mouth. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I have practiced in the mirror to make sure I’m opening my mouth wide enough and sticking out my tongue enough (looks rather silly, but anyway) but I always feel rushed when receiving Communion and so I’m not really sure if I’m doing it right then. Advice?” – “Difficulties Receiving on the Tongue”

This particular Catholic has been having problems with receiving the Eucharist on their tongue. While this is totally allowed in the Catholic Church is has become somewhat uncommon. So when receiving the sacrament from an EMHC, or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, one might run into trouble like this post gets into. A quick solution to this might be just going to the priest during Communion instead of the EMHC. I do not see why this person wants so badly to receive the Eucharist on the tongue, but power to them. If you ask me I say it’s going to end up in my mouth anyway, so what if it takes a little side-track to my palm first. I would much rather feed myself, but to each their own I suppose.