Recognizing Subtle Forms of Idolatry

The very first commandment God gave us says, ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me. (Exodus 20:3)”  This clear statement, along with numerous Biblical accounts of God’s wrath towards idol worship would make it impossible for any Christian not to know about the sin of idolatry. However, although aware of it, a lot of Christians fail to understand its real meaning. To many, idolatry means the olden practice of worshiping the sun, rocks, or statues of heathen gods.

This post, entitled, Confessions Of A Former Shopaholic reminded me of the more subtle yet equally sinful form of idolatry which is materialism or the excessive love for material possessions. Although this is not the same form of idolatry as the ones mentioned in the Bible, this brand of modern idolatry does exactly the same thing–draw us apart from God. When we become consumed with our materialistic desires, our yearning to be with Christ becomes nonexistent.

Modern forms of idolatry tend to be less obvious and more dangerous. So we should always be on our guard and evaluate our actions and make sure that they are not creating a gap between us and our one true Lord.