Relax and Feel Refreshed By Having a Little Fun

After a long week of work or taking care of the kids, what do you do to help yourself relax? If your answer to this question is nothing then you are doing it wrong! You surely have a passion, even if it has been dwindling since your kids were born. Maybe you love to run, lift weights, or exercise in some way. Maybe you like to cook interesting foods, or perhaps you just like to read a good book. Whatever it is that helps you get some positive feelings flowing through your body should be done at least once a week. I know it is difficult to find time as a parent, even for things that you love doing, but you owe it to yourself.

I read a post about a Dad’s recent trip to a concert. This was his way of refreshing himself and feeling young again. He described the feeling of coming home afterwards as being relaxed and refreshed. This is just another example of why you should do something fun for yourself every once in a while.