Relic of the True Cross Found in Vermont

This post from Catholic Answers Forum was a relief to hear about. I had previously reported a little over a month ago that the Relic of the True Cross had been stolen in a post titled, The Relic of True Cross Goes Missing From Boston.Well it has been found! Two state policemen in Vermont got a call recently and recovered the artifact. This is great news for all Catholics!

“Vermont State Police stumbled upon it after receiving a call from Richard Duncan, a resident of the Upper Eatons Trailer Park in Royalton, Vt., about 25 miles northwest of White River Junction, according to a lengthy statement released by the Vermont State Police this afternoon.

Duncan told police he was having an argument over the phone with his partner, 34-year-old Earl Frost. He said he wanted Frost to share some information with police.

“Frost was put on the telephone and advised Troopers that the altercation was over a religious artifact that was stolen from a church in Boston,” the Vermont State Police statement said.

Frost said he wanted to return it to a church, the police statement said. But troopers convinced him to bring it into the state police barracks in Royalton.

The Vermont troopers knew nothing of the Boston relic’s disappearance, but they did a Google search while Frost and Duncan were on their way to the barracks and found several articles related to the theft. But they also learned that there had been a number of false reports about the relic.

At the barracks, Frost turned the relic over to the police and said that he had acquired it from an unidentified person in Rhode Island. Frost said he had spoken with the Rev. Kevin O’Leary, the rector of the cathedral, about returning it, using the pseudonym “Bill.” “Relic of the True Cross Stolen from Cathedral Recovered”, Catholic Answers Forum


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