Remembering What God Has Done For You in the Past

A question from a blog post titled, “Fan The Flame Friday,” inspired this post today. The question was: “Why is it so important to remember what God has done for us in the past?” Remembering what God has done for you is critical to being a Christian.

Humans have the propensity to forget about God and His goodness. Even the Israelites in the past who had a more close contact with God failed to remember him numerous times. The psalmist King David talked of this tendency in Psalm 78:10-11, “They kept not the covenant of God . . . and forgot his works, and his wonders that he had shewed them.” This very trait of the Israelites is one of the main reasons why they found themselves in a lot of perilous situations–why it took them over 40 years to reach the Promised Land.

Remembering what God has done for us is foundational for living the Christian life. Constantly recalling God’s blessings and deliverance in the past will help us keep our sense of awe and wonder of God’s greatness. By keeping a clear memory of what God did for us, we will be able to face every affliction that rises and say, “My God has helped my before, and he will do it again.”