Reminding Our Children of All the Good Still Left in the World

With the Boston tragedy that happened this week, I can’t help but feel scared for my kids. I can’t help but feel anxious thinking about the kind of world my children will grow up and live in. The world is getting scarier and scarier everyday–just watch the news for 10 minutes and you will have enough reasons to feel scared for yourself and your family.

As a mom, I want to protect my children–keep them out of harm’s way. Knowing that I cannot be around them all their lives, I want to open their eyes to the dangers of this world–to the reality that there are bad people in this world who can hurt them. While I want them to have a sense of suspicion, I do not want them to grow up with minds and hearts that do not know how to trust others.

That is why I agree with what one mother said in her post, “Being a Mother Made me Resilient,” that as important as telling my children about the bad and crazy things in this world, I also need to constantly remind them that there’s still good, beauty, and love in the world. Remind them that although there are bad people, there are many, many more good people in the world that will try to take care of them and protect them.