Respect Parents Who Bring Their Young Children to Mass

I respect the families that choose to bring their young children to Mass. Most of the time they are really well behaved, and I think it is important to instill the habit of attending Mass in kids today. Sometimes I see parents struggling to keep their child quiet during Mass, and some people give them annoyed looks. I really dislike when people do this. The parents are simply trying to do something good. Sure, the young children might cry or have an outburst at some point, but can you blame the parents for trying to teach their kids about God? I think we all need to relax and let these parents keep doing what they’re doing. Eventually those little kid will grow up, and hopefully the good habits of their parents will help them grow into future members of your parish.

I read a post that I thought was really cool recently. It was written from the perspective of the youngest child of a family who attends Mass together. The post is titled, “A Letter to Frankie About Mom’s Mass Survival Tips”. I thought it was an awesome post because it describes how this mother has kept her family full of children under control at Mass. Hearing it told from a young child’s perspective was hilarious though.


  1. I am not bothered even by children who act up during Mass because
    1. Children are part of life. Get used to it.
    2. Families should worship together.
    3. A child who needs attention is more important than anything I have to say.
    4. If we are pro-life but then stick mothers off in a separate room (cry room) then we are making a distinction (have kids but don’t bother us).
    5. God’s house is our house and if a child is as comfortable being themselves in Church as at home, I think that’s great.

    • Thanks for your comment Father John! I completely agree with everything that you had to say. People need to be more lenient of these wonderful parents and their children. I am always very happy to see children at Mass.


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