Saint Leo the Great: What Makes This Patron Saint “Great”?

Ever wonder why Saint Leo was great? Saint Leo the Great was Pope Leo I before he passed away. During his time as pope, he dealt with a lot of different issues in the Church. The Church was having a difficult time with pagan religions during his time, the late fifth century, and Leo handled the issues very well. The problems were coming from Pelagianism and Manichaeanism, and Leo made them all renounce their paganism before they would be allowed Communion.

Leo also established the idea that Christ and his teachings were of man and of God. This was important because Pelagianism and Manichaeanism were teaching otherwise at the time. Saint Leo the Great also helped greatly to establish the papacy into the position we know it as today. Barbarians were about to attack Rome during his papacy, and Leo convinced Attila to not attack the city.

Amongst all these other things, Leo is a Doctor of the Church. So as you can see, Saint the Leo the Great truly deserves his title. To learn more about Saint Leo the Great read this post on Saints and Angels.