Show God’s Love By Paying It Forward

“Love can change lives.” We all know this. We have all heard of stories of people whose lives have been changed because of love. While these life stories are moving, I believe the strongest and most profound proof of how powerful love can be is the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It was love in its purest and strongest form that lead Jesus Christ to come down to earth and redeem us all from sin.

What better way to respond to the love that has transformed us than to pay it forward. The love that we have experienced from God is not meant to be locked in our hearts and enjoyed on our own. A love so great as Jesus’ love is meant to be shared.

As John the Apostle said in 1 John 4:11, “Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

As followers of Christ we ought to do just as he did–radiating love to everyone around him, doing kind deeds to everyone he came in contact with.

Here’s a must-read post about sharing God’s love through good deeds: “Spread the Love: Random Acts of Kindness.”