Silence After Mass or Social Hour?

Here was a question asked over on Catholic Answers Forum earlier today.

“As soon as Mass is concluded in my local church, people begin talking, some in a soft voice and some out loud, about wordly affairs as if they were in a coffee shop. This is disconcerting, because I understood this was a time to maintain prayerful silence in thanksgiving for the great gift of having received Jesus in the Eucharist.”

This post was listed under the name, “Shouldn’t we observe silence after Mass?” To answer this is my own opinion I would have to say YES. Is that question even serious? I know where this poster is coming from though, it does seem like once Mass ends the Church just turns into a social ground for everybody. The thing that I don’t get is that right outside the doors of the Church would be perfectly acceptable to see how the Smiths are doing, or to see if Mr. Brown will be coming over for dinner next week. People just seem to have less and less respect for the Church every day and it has really become an issue. A Church is not a social playground people, come on!


  1. I completely agree! People at my parish tend to socialize way too much after Mass ends as well! Soo inappropriate.

  2. MyCatholicBlog says:

    Glad you see where I’m coming from Adam.

  3. I don’t see why a little bit of socialization is such a bad thing. As long as it isn’t over the top and outrageous. Respect does need to be had for God’s House after all.