Slouchers and Wobblers Sending Wrong Message at Mass

“Since I was taught to go to Communion when I was small, I’ve noticed a troubling trend in the way people get in line to approach the Eucharist.

When I was taught to receive Holy Communion, the nuns made a huge deal out of the way we walked. We were to remain straight and rigid, moving forward gently but precisely when it came time to move forward. When they looked at us second graders from either the front or the back, everyone’s head was in a straight line, as we stayed perfectly lined up at all moments.

Now, I cannot get that same experience. When I am in a Communion line, people waddle from side to side more than they move forward. The result is that there is a disorganized movement of heads back and forth which looks, to people with training like what I had, as very careless and sloppy. Instead of Catholics lined up as soldiers to receive their spiritual meal, they look like fish circling or something.” – “Weebles Wobble in Communion Line”, Catholic Answers Forum

This post is all about something that I too have noticed in the Catholic Church recently. I do not like the way that people “waddle from side to side” either, and it doesn’t stop there. I also am not a fan of the way that people hold themselves in general while receiving the Eucharist and sitting at Mass. Too often I have seen people slouched down in their seats or dragging their feet and slouching up to receive Communion. They are at church after all and they should be able to hold themselves in a prideful manner while they are there. Just a little something I have been meaning to get off my chest for a while, and this article really reminded me of it.