Smile More During Mass

While I was doing my morning scan at the National Catholic Register, I found myself reading a post titled, “Smile?” Somewhere along the post, I read this sentence, “Catholics certainly don’t smile very much during Mass.” This statement made me pause for a while and recall the picture of a usual Mass in my head. And indeed, the statement was right, my memory of a usual Mass did not include a crowd of smiling faces.

While I agree with the author of the article above that “this non-smiling is not a sign of anything bad.” Not smiling can mean that we are thinking hard, pondering, reflecting and talking to God in the duration of the mass and not just mean that we are sad or worried. Wouldn’t it be more wonderful if we smiled while doing all these things though? Wouldn’t Mass feel more warm and encouraging with a smiling crowd? I want to make a point to smile more during Mass.

Besides, we have all the reason to keep a smile on that face. We are alive, we are loved and we are saved by grace! So smile more during Mass and all the time!