Strengthening Our Relationship With Christ

I believe that every Christian in this world is aware of the fact that Jesus Christ came to earth to give mankind salvation. However, only a few Christians understand that not only did Jesus take the punishment for our sins but also allows us to be worthy to have a personal, intimate, living, relationship with the Father.

God wants us to have a close relationship with him so that we can become one with him–take on his character and live like him and with him in heaven when the time comes. It is intimacy with the Lord that will make it possible for us to grow into his image and repel our evil tendencies and the darkness of this world.

Yes the gift of salvation is free but it is up to us to accept or reject this precious present of eternal life. Making the decision to accept Jesus as our Savior means choosing to walk in the path of intimacy with our Heavenly Father.

God does not want us–his children–to get lost in this world of sin and lose sight of our real home. If we do not want to be sinners, we must constantly work on strengthening our relationship with our Lord. If you think you need some help, you will find great tips in this post: Growing in Faith – Practical Suggestions for Thriving Relationship.