T-Mobile ad brings message of love

The new T-Mobile ad is AWESOME.

Filmed at Heathrow International Airport in late October, the ad features a flash mob greeting thousands of landing passengers and those awaiting at the gates…by song.

Using only voices and no other instrumental accompaniment, the mob belts out such hits as Etta James’ “At Last,”  Thin Lizzy’s  “The Boys are Back in Town,” and the Kaiser Chief’s “Oh My God.”

And the best part?  T-Mobile’s message at the end: Life’s for sharing.   What a great way to express love and harmony.

The amazing video can be found on YouTube here , or at Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog (where mycatholicblog originally saw the ad), here.


  1. I saw this commercial on youtube. The people’s reactions are priceless! Thanks for the article.