Pope Benedict Will Attend World Youth Day 2011 in Spain

“World Youth Day Madrid 2011 registration is now available through the U.S. Catholic bishops’ World Youth Day website. The event will gather young people from around the world with Pope Benedict XVI to pray, learn, celebrate, and strengthen one another in faith.

“In addition to the Vigil and Mass with the Pope during the weekend, there are numerous catechetical and other cultural activities throughout the week,” she added. “Many groups also stay at parishes, school gymnasiums, or with local families.”

The WYD 2011 theme is “Planted and Built Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith.” Organizers estimate that nearly 600,000 young people from outside of Spain will participate in the events, with about 25,000 of them from the United States.

Pope Benedict officially opened the registration process on July 1, becoming the first to register for the event.” – “World Youth Day 2011 Registration Now Available at US Bishops’ Website”, Catholic News Agency

This article showed me something cool that I had no idea was even happening. Pope Benedict XVI will be out praying and strengthening the faith of children from all over the world at this event. I had never heard of World Youth Day before but the concept behind it seems like a great one. Building faith amongst the new generation of Catholics is something that should truly be focused on more often than it is. 25,000 are estimated to be making the trip from the US to Spain for the event, which in my opinion is pretty good. Not everybody can afford a plane ticket to Spain in today’s world, but it looks like many people are making the effort.