The Descent of the Holy Spirit: What the Event and Seven Gifts Mean

As Catholics, God is our everything. He made us, so he tells us what we should do with the life we have been given. Due to his comfort and guidance throughout life, our love in God is solid.

The Story of the Descent of the Holy Spirit

This has been the case ever since the apostles walked the Earth and spread the Words of God. They were in love with God and believed that they were made to share their love for Him with others. At Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples were blessed with the Holy Spirit. After Jesus’ death, they were visited by the Holy Spirit in power. They were given seven gifts that we now call the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, understanding, wonder, right judgment, knowledge, courage and reverence. These gifts have been passed down to all Christians.

What the Seven Gifts Mean

These gifts by the Holy Spirit reaffirm our love of God. With understanding from the Holy Spirit, we know that God works in mysterious ways and our life is controlled by Him. We understand this so we look to Him for guidance. In the gift wonder, we marvel at God’s great feats and we appreciate everything He has done for us. Christians choose right judgment to live our life according to God’s teachings. We also have the knowledge of God’s teachings through the Bible, which the apostles helped created. Finally, we have the gifts of courage and reverence. Many times, Christians are not praised for what they believe in. They persevere though and continue to follow God. The love of God can’t be broken by people who don’t believe because it’s too strong. As we can see the power of the Holy Spirit instilled in the apostles gave them the power to instill the love they have in God in each one of us. This love of God has been passed down thousands of years. This love was able to be carried down with the gifts that were given to the apostles from the Holy Spirit. If it weren’t for those gifts and the power the apostles had, the love for God might have been broken.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life

Take a moment to think about how much you love God. It can be difficult to remember to love God when you are busy with your daily tasks. It good to step back and remember everything God does for us and everything we have thanks to Him. Think about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they play out in your life. These gifts are important to have within you because they can help you develop a deeper love for God. Now that you know all about how the Holy Spirit instilled power in the apostles and how that power has been delivered on to you, it’s possible to go on with your life living in a way that is much more in accordance with God to show Him your love.