Book on history of Christianity earns Cundill Prize

A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years earned British historian Diarmaid MacCulloch this year’s Cundill Prize at McGill University, Quebec.

According to the Montreal Gazette (article found here), the prize, worth $75,000, is considered the world’s most important in the non-fiction historical literature genre.  

Adam Gopnik, contributor to The New York Times and memer of this year’s Cundill Jury, hailed Maculloch’s writing talent.  He proclaimed, “Taking as his subject nothing less than the whole history of the faith, MacCulloch has written a social history that illuminates changes in belief; and a history of belief that helps us see how our society got so much of its structure.”  Gopnik continued, “Though all of the books in the short list seemed to us wonderful works of narrative history -and well written, too – MacCulloch’s stands out.”