Have You Heard of Achievement Parenting?

I have come across the term, “Achievement Parenting” for the first time today. Have you heard of achievement parenting? I read it from a post by Dr. Amy Tuteur of The Skeptical OB. Although the term was new to me, I am very much aware of how rampant this “style” of parenting is nowadays. We want to have children who are achievers. While there is nothing wrong about wanting our children to be great in something as this will help boost their self-esteem, a lot of parents are actually going a little overboard. They are doing it for all the wrong reasons too.

As Dr. Amy Tuteur said in her article, some parents want their children to do certain things just to compete with other parents. To have a class valedictorian, a musician, or an athlete of a child is wonderful. However, to push our children to be great at things for the sake of  the admiration of other parents is very wrong. So while you might not have heard of achievement parenting until now, you have probably seen examples of this at some point.

I believe that it is important that a balance childhood achievement and happiness is maintained. No child should be pushed to do something that he/she is not entirely interested in.