New Diocese Being Created in Africa

This is a great story from Catholic News Agency about a new diocese being formed in Africa. Despite what many would tend to think, there was a definite need for this diocese in Africa to be founded. It is going to relieve many overcrowded churches in surrounding dioceses. It’s awesome to see Catholicism growing in some areas of the world still, when most believe it to be losing numbers. If you want to read the full text of this article, click here.

“Pope Benedict XVI officially erected a new diocese in the African nation of Malawi on Wednesday. According to the bishop who has overseen the area until now, the announcement represents a “moment of grace.”

The Diocese of Karonga, in northern Malawi, was created from a third of the land previously contained within borders of the Diocese of Mzuzu. It separates 61,000 people in five parishes from what was the Diocese of Mzuzu’s Catholic population of 400,000.

Along with the announcement of the new diocese came the appointment of its bishop. Fr. Martin Anwel Mtumbuka, who will soon be ordained to lead the faithful of the diocese.

Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza, who currently heads the Diocese of Mzuzu, told CNA on Wednesday that creation of the new diocese and the appointment of the bishop-elect “means quite a lot” to the area.” – “Pope Creates New Diocese for Malawi, Bishop Calls it ‘Moment of Grace'”, Catholic News Agency