Christianity: A 100 Year Retrospective

As the New Year approaches and we look to the future, I found this interesting article which takes a 100 year retrospective on Christianity.  The article, which can be found in its entirety here, contains facts and statistics concerning Christianity’s changing role and prevalence in the world. 

For example, it claims that in 1910, nearly 35% of the world’s population was Catholic, comparable to today’s statistic of 33%.  However, the demographics of this population has shifted dramatically.  Whereas in 1910 most Catholics were contained in the West (Europe and North America), today most are found in Asia, South America, and Africa.  In fact, almost half of Africa’s population is now Christian.  In contrast, the past century has seen (and continues to see) a drastic decline in European and North American Catholics.

Additionally, Pentecostal Christians (commonly referred to as “Renewalists”) have grown at five times the rate of global Christianity.  The largest Pentecostal group is the Latin Rite Catholics, who number at 133 million.

Evidently, the past 100 years has been fairly drastic.  Of course, mycatholicblog cannot predict the next hundred years, but in this imminent upcoming year we do at least promise to keep bringing our readers the lasted Catholic news and information (it’s one of our New Year’s Resolutions!).  Happy New Year, everyone!