“What To Do About Embarrassingly Bad Christian Music”

MyCatholicBlog came across this amusing article on Christ and Pop Culture from a couple years back.  In it, author Alan Noble gives us some helpful hints about how to react to, and improve, “embarrassingly bad Christian music.”  One of the hints Mr. Noble gives that MyCatholicBlog loves in particular is: Consider whether or not the music you buy is really worth the praise.

Noble warns that just like its secular counter-part, Christian music is often praised simply on its consumer merits alone; that is to say, one assumes that if it’s sold in a specific place (let’s say, a Christian bookstore for example), then that music must be good automatically.  Not necessarily the case of course, and thus Noble urges for us to use caution when listening or recommending Christian music, in order to not perpetuate music that, although it may have a good message, is ultimately just bad.

The entire article is filled with wit and insight, and was a pleasure to read.