Keeping the Saints in Mind Throughout November: Ideas for Your Family

All Saints Day was November 1, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the saints. In fact, if you have kids I would even encourage you to keep the saint in mind all month long. A recent post on Catholic Family Fun gave me this idea. The post was titled, “Fun for the Month”, and was about ways to keep your family involved and learning about the saints all through November. The author Sarah has some awesome ideas which include having your kids trade saint cards, designing their own saint place mats, feast day cards, family litanies, and other great ideas as well!

What ways will you utilize to teach your children about the saints?

Colcannon: An Irish Catholic All Saints’ Day Tradition

Today is All Saints’ Day the day that Catholics take to celebrate the lives of all saints known and unknown. It is a very old tradition that comes from Christians who commemorated the deaths of other Christians that died martyrs in the name of Christ. I read a post from Catholic Mom today about an Irish Catholic All Saints Day tradition that I thought was interesting. They make a dish called Colcannon from cabbage and potatoes.

To learn about the dish you can check out the post here: Colcannon: An All Saints Day Tradition