American Catholic Nuns Being Recognized

This article comes from Catholic Answers Forum and was pretty cool I thought. Women do not get the recognition they truly deserve in America, and nuns receive even less. This was great to see nuns getting recognized for all their efforts throughout American history.

“Women & Spirit is a museum exhibit which started at the Smithsonian Institution and is currently touring the US. It shows how Catholic sisters have been involved in shaping the US over the past 300 years.

“It’s really amazing to see all they’ve done for our country,” Smithsonian spokeswoman Becky Haberacker told Catholic News Service during a recent tour of the exhibit, which made its Washington debut Jan. 15. “It’s also really interesting to find out how rugged they are. That just isn’t something I imagined before when I thought about nuns.”

The exhibit includes an 1804 letter from President Thomas Jefferson to an Ursuline nun, braided corn husk shoes worn by pioneer sisters, the nurse’s bag of a nun used during the Civil War and student work from the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first all-black community.

Perceptions of women religious 300 years ago, and today, are often not accurate, Sister Annmarie said.

“So, we think this exhibit would show another side to what the public might normally perceive as the life of Catholic sisters.”” – “Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America”

I had no idea that nuns did so much for our country. While it all seems like behind-the-scenes work the nuns did, they have played their role in American history just like all the other famous historical figures.