Anger Can Kill Your Connection With God

Let me share with you some words I picked up from a blog post I read this morning titled, “Whoever is Angry with his Brother:” “Our relationship with God cannot be separated from our relationship with one another. Put simply, if we are on bad terms with each other, we can not approach God with an open and loving heart.” I found these words to be a very good source of reflection. They made me realize that anger can kill your connection with God.

Anger is one of the seven deadly sins, however anger too is human nature. So how can we keep ourselves from committing this grave sin when for a fact being angry is a natural human emotion? Well, I’d like to answer this according to what I heard from a homily a while ago. When someone does something bad to you and you feel the emotion of anger, this is not a sinful act. However, what you do with these emotions can be the source of sin–for example hitting the person that has wronged you.

Anger, although seemingly trivial can separate us from God. As a matter of fact, it has the power to consume us and kill our love for God. Let us pray everyday that we remain in control of our emotions that we may keep our connection with God strong. Anger can kill your connection with God, but don’t let it.

Good Parenting Means Controlling Your Anger

It is a fact that all parents get angry at their children. No matter how wonderful our children are, how much we love them, or how skilled we think we are at parenting there will certainly be times when they will make us angry. While anger is an unavoidable and very real emotion of parenting, it can still have some negative effects on us and our children.

For one, it makes us illogical and ineffective parents. When we are angry our thoughts are so often overruled by our emotions that often we end up doing stupid things–things that we will regret and feel guilty about later on. Some experts also say that children who repeatedly experience bouts of anger from their parents are likely to have issues controlling their own temper. This isn’t hard to understand given that it is a known fact that children can very easily adopt their parents’ behaviors. More importantly, the ways we express our anger can take a high personal toll on our kids–some experiences may permanently affect their sense of self.

Since we are all humans, there will really be times when we will find ourselves angry with our kids. So what should we do? Here, a dad shares some good points: “5 Ways To Cope With Parenting Anger.”

Being Consumed By Our Anger Towards Evil

There is no question that the world is filled with an appalling amount of evil and suffering. Aside from the suffering brought about by criminals who wreak havoc into our society, there are other brands of evil that attack our spiritual life. Often they come in the form of atheists who blaspheme God and Christian hypocrites who judge and condemn others like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old times.

Whenever I encounter these kind of people, I often find myself extremely angry. While I have never had any close encounters with cold-blooded criminals (thank God), I have had several heated conversations with non-believers as well as with condemning Christians. I just can’t help but really feel infuriated by all the horrible things that these people are bringing to this world.

All these years, I have always thought that my anger over these things was appropriate and well, approved by God. But reading a blog post entitled, Jesus Used Facebook To Gently Rebuke Me caused me to see my anger towards evil in a new light. It made me re-evaluate the reasons and merits of my actions.

I have been brought into the realization that while my intentions are good, too much anger is dangerous. It is a destructive emotion that does not only destroy our well-being but also consume our good actions.

Managing Anger: A Critical Skill for Parents

I believe that every parent knows in the depths of their hearts and minds that anger doesn’t do anything good to their children. We must certainly all be aware that uncontrollable outbursts do not help in improving the behavior of our kids, but sadly and embarrassingly for most of us there are just moments when we simply lose ourselves.

While others say that it is very inappropriate and very wrong for any mom or dad to display emotions of anger to their children, I think that every parent knows it is unrealistic to stay calm, cool, and collected all the time. Anger is normal, it cannot be suppressed and most importantly, it is okay to be angry. However, it is important that we do not let anger be the pervading emotion in our households.

If you want to know some tips on how you can strike a balance between anger and calmness in your home, this post may help: 10 Tips To Managing Your Anger.