Archbishop of Canterbury heads to Vatican

There are big things happening in the Church of England.  We found this article on

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, the spiritual leader of Anglicans worldwide, will visit the Vatican on November 17 in honour of the 50th anniversary of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity.

The visit follows the announcement earlier this week from five Church of England bishops of their decision to join the Roman Catholic Church.

The bishops issued a statement explaining their reasons for leaving the Church of England: “[P]articularly we have been distressed by developments in Faith and Order in Anglicanism which we believe to be incompatible with the historic vocation of Anglicanism and the tradition of the Church for nearly two thousand years.”

They said they would resign from their pastoral responsibilities on December 31 and join an ordinariate once one is created by the Roman Catholic Church.

Last year, the Vatican made a historic decision to create an apostolic constitution that would provide Vatican guidelines on integrating disaffected Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI made the provision in response to the numerous requests he received from Anglicans unhappy with the ordination of women and noncelibate gay bishops.

The structure would allow converts to enter into full communion with Rome but still retain certain Anglican rituals and traditions. For example, married clerics would be able to become Catholic priests but not Catholic bishops.

One of the breakaway bishops, John Broadhurst, the Bishop of Fulham, predicts that an exodus of “thousands” of lay Anglicans will occur once the ordinariate is formed.

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Archbishop Hopeful that Pope’s Visit Will Help Faith

This post from Catholic News Agency is a hopeful one that I certainly want to happen. I would certainly hope that a visit from the Holy Father himself would make faith stronger in the UK then it is now. I have been reading a lot lately about how faith in the Catholic Church is floundering in the UK. Hopefully Pope Benedict XVI visiting them will make them realize that they all need to strengthen their faith.

“Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow said the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom, will be “a moment of grace” that will “bolster” the faith of Catholics in the region.

In a pastoral letter sent last Sunday, the archbishop encouraged the faithful to enthusiastically welcome the Holy Father’s visit, which is an “immense privilege” for the Archdiocese of Glasgow.

“Such visits are a rare occurrence,” he continued, noting that this is “only the second of a reigning pope in the long history of our country.”

“We need the presence of Simon Peter to bolster our faith and give us new courage to face the difficulties and ease the pain which the Church and each one of us must necessarily encounter in an imperfect and ever changing world,” he added.

After thanking Scottish officials for the “remarkable enthusiasm in the making of the necessary arrangements for his reception,” Archbishop Conti underscored the need to spiritual prepare for the visit.  For this purpose, he said, the archdiocese will begin a special month of preparation on August 15, the feast of the Assumption of Mary.” – “Scottish Archbishop Hopes Pope Will Reinvigorate UK Catholics”, Catholic News Agency

Time for Colombians to Renew Their Christian Faith

“Coadjutor Archbishop Gonzalo Restrepo of Manizales, Colombia remarked this week that the ongoing celebration of the country’s bicentennial this month is an important time for the reflection of Colombia’s values and also the renewal of the citizen’s faith.

According to Colombian National Radio, the archbishop said the national holiday is a call to renew one’s faith and live honestly as believers.  It is also a chance to reflect on the country’s history, he added.

Archbishop Restrepo said Colombians must adopt an outlook that goes beyond what the world sees and believes.

The retiring archbishop of Bogota, Cardinal Pedro Rubiano, celebrated the Te Deum at the city’s cathedral on July 20, and said the bicentennial should also be an occasion to improve relations with neighboring countries.” – “Bicentennial Gives Colombia Opportunity to Renew Christian Values, Says Archbishop”, Catholic News Agency

I was glad to see the Colombian Archbishop using this opportunity to send a good message to his fellow people. Any occasion is a good occasion to be renew faithful old ways and become more religiously inclined. Hopefully many people take his words to heart. Getting in touch with your history, heritage, and spirituality is never a bad thing and Archbishop Gonzalo Restrepo’s words should be taken to heart.