The Best Catholic Articles This Week – February 11

It’s Friday so I am going to share some of the best Catholic posts I have read in the last week. We have a had quite a busy week with the news from Pope Benedict XVI, Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, and the beginning of Lent so there were plenty of really great posts I read throughout the week. Make sure to check out these posts, they are certainly worth while!

Lent: Movies – This post was originally made on Happy Catholic. The author lists several movies that have themes of sin, reparation, and redemption. The author shares links to reviews of the films and talks briefly about what each one is about. I thought this post was awesome, and I am hoping to see some of the films soon. I plan to start with Stranger Than Fiction.

On Valentine’s Day Give Love – I thought the message of this post was fantastic. I came away with the message that on Valentine’s Day many people show love and appreciation to their friends, family, and spouses, but God should not be forgotten. God has such an immense love for us, and we should show him love every day. Valentine’s Day should be a day where you also remember to show God your love!

9 Things You Should Know about Pope Benedict XVI – The news about Pope Benedict XVI shocked the Catholic world earlier this week. In this post found on The Gospel Coalition Blog they talk about Pope Benedict XVI and some things you should know about him and the papacy.

Path to Humility – This post focuses on an integral theme in my opinion, which is humility. I know that I am forever humbled by the great love God has shown me. This post runs along those lines and talks about God’s love for all of us.

Catholicism Through My Eyes: Confession – This post talks about Confession and how other religions ridicule Catholics for believing our priests can absolve our sins. I know I have been asked before why we even have to go to Confession. This article could give you a good basis for explaining that to a non-Catholic friend.