Trouble Choosing God Parents

I found this interesting question over on Catholic Answers Forum this morning and thought I would share my thoughts on the couple’s situation. The question at hand is difficult, but I do believe there is a path the couple could take that would certainly be the best for them and their child.

“Our little girl is 3 weeks old now and we are very excited to have her baptized. However, she does not have godparents yet. We have an idea of who we could pick, but their son is in the hospital right now and they are literally there every day but Sunday during the day. Because of the hard times they are going through with their little boy (this is my friend that I posted a prayer request about for her newborn son if anyone recognizes my SN) we don’t want to ask them right now to be godparents. Although I’m sure they would be overjoyed, this just isn’t the time to ask, I don’t think.

There is honestly no telling when and, frankly, if their son will be out of the hospital, so when it comes to the baptism class and even just asking them to be her godparents, we’re not sure what to do” – “Baptism – The Waiting Game”

This couple really seems to favor having their friends as their child’s godparents and I do not think the situation at hand should stop them. They should explain the situation to them about how they want them to be godparents to their daughter. I am sure they will be thrilled to hear the news. They can say that they know it is a tough time for the couple and that perhaps they could still be the godparents, but have others take their place at the ceremony. Maybe one of them could attend the classes and be present at the baptism, you only need one godparent after all. Both could still be considered the godparents of the child. They could also ask if there would be a good time for the couple to attend the classes and ceremony, and see what they have to say about it. There are a few choices that could be made that would make the situation work out I think. Either way I am going to suggest the couple visit The Catholic Gift Shop and take a look at their Baptism Gifts section. I stumbled upon this site the other day and they have a really great selection of beautiful religious gifts.

Six of the Best Baptism Gifts Ever

The first sacrament a Catholic boy or girl gets to take part in is being Baptized. Baptism is a really meaningful sacrament because it vanquishes original sin and welcomes us into the Church. Most people are too young to remember being Baptized, which makes it that much more important to get them a great gift they can appreciate later in their lifetime. There are many different ways that you can go about getting a wonderful Baptism gift, and there are many choices to pick from as well.

1.) An easy way to give a great gift for a Baptism and start teaching a child about Jesus is to get him or her a Jesus Loves Me nightlight. This gift has a reasonable use (who doesn’t want a nightlight when they are one or two years old?) and is also still religious at the same time. These lights come in blue or pink depending on if you are buying for girl or a boy.

2.) Guardian Angel Crib Medals can also be a great idea for a gift. These medals can be attached to any child’s crib and they come in a boy’s and girl’s version. These medals feature an angel and either pink or blue depending on the gender of the child. Once the child grows out of the crib, you can keep the medal as a keepsake just because it is so nice to look at. So this gift is one that can be enjoyed for life.

3.) A very nice boxed set that could definitely make a high quality gift that both a child and their parents would love is a My First Rosary and Crucifix set. The crucifix is very nice and would look great on the wall of a bedroom or any room in a house. It is elegant, yet simple enough not to be too much. The rosary is great because it is a real rosary and getting a child a rosary at a young age can only lead to good things. Also, the rosary is very colorful and is made of wooden beads so it is safe for a child to hold onto and play with if they wish. You really get the best of both worlds with this gift box.

4.) Another set of less child-like rosary beads could be a great idea for a Baptism gift as well. The child may not be able to really have any interaction with the beads until they grow a little bit older, but it does not change the fact that this rosary set is very nice. It includes a picture of a guardian angel on it and is really neat. This Guardian Angel Cross and Rosary set also comes with a cross that matches the rosary set. It includes a hook so you can hang the cross up where you want in the house.

5.) You can also go the route that many people have gone before and choose to give your loved one a medal or pendant for their Baptism. While is has been done before there is no shame in being unoriginal. You can still give a great gift by getting a pendant or medal because there are so many unique ones to choose from. Some have images of kids praying on them, while others say only Baptism. And don’t forget; you can always engrave a medal or pendant and that makes it one of a kind!

6.) There are so many different kinds of picture frames that are made especially for Baptisms. These can make really cool gifts. There are just plain baptism frames, and other special frames that are supposed to be from the godparents to the child, and grandparents to the child. These frames are all very nice looking and can end up being something that the child will keep for years to come.