Mass at Minor League Baseball Stadium

I found this post over on Catholic Answers Forum and that is was really cool. I think holding Mass on a baseball field is a great idea. It’s the middle of summer and it is absolutely beautiful outside, so why not get everybody from a handful of local parishes together for an outdoor Mass. It will surely be something that people remember for a long time to come. I like that they are going to try and make the outdoor Mass a monthly affair too, and it is nice to see that they will attempt to include other religions as well. Overall this just seems like a truly great idea.

“The Kane County Cougars plan to hold a full Catholic mass before their game tonight — right on the field, with an altar set up near the center field wall.

Fourteen churches will take part in the service.

It’s a first for the minor league baseball team, which went with a mass because the team official who came up with the idea is Catholic but is open to other religious services, too, perhaps one a month.

“First thing, we’ll pray for no rain — then a victory,” General Manager Jeff Sedivy said.” – “Ballpark Mass”