Stan “The Man” Musial was a Faithful Catholic

Hall of Fame baseball player Stan “The Man” Musial passed away over the weekend. On top of being a stellar baseball player, Stan was also a faithful Catholic. Stan “The Man” was also associated with several different charities and was known as a regular attendant at Mass. I read a post about Stan’s faith titled, “Stan Musial Wore His Faith on His Sleeve” and learned a lot from it.

To be honest, I was unaware of Stan’s Catholicism until reading the post. Part of the post could explain why I never knew this before. In so many of the obituaries seen over the weekend for Stan, not many of them mentioned the fact that he was a Catholic. It is a strange, but in today’s world a person’s religious affiliation has become seen less and less in obituaries. Regardless of that, I now that Stan was a Catholic and also a great baseball player. May he rest in peace.

Pre-Game Mass a Success

The article below from Catholic News Agency, is about the same event that I blogged about earlier this summer in a post called Mass at Minor League Baseball Stadium. I felt the need for this follow up because the first post was about the event before it happened. This one talks about the success of the event, and the lack of complaints made by anybody. I thought this was great idea initially, but saw where people, non-Catholics, might get offended by a team doing this. However, to my shock but obvious delight, nobody thought this event was bad at all. I’m glad to see this worked out, and since it did maybe more will follow in its footsteps.

“Thanks to discussions between a priest and a minor league baseball team official, the Kane County Cougars of the Class A Midwest League hosted a Catholic Mass before a Friday baseball game earlier this month.

The Cougars of the Class A Midwest League, a team affiliated with the Oakland Athletics, organized the Mass at their baseball field in the Chicago suburb of Geneva.

The liturgy began at 5:30 p.m. and Mass attendees were required to have a ticket for the game. The July 16 event, which was billed as “Mass on the Grass,” drew participants from 14 area churches.

Cougars assistant general manager Jeff Ney said about 400 people attended the service. He did not think any players attended because they were preparing for the game. He added that the players have baseball chapel service on Sundays.

While the team was unsure whether it would hold any similar services this year, it planned to have religious events next year with other faiths and denominations as well.

Asked if there were any complaints about the event, general manager Jeff Sedivy told USA Today, “Not at all. Not one.” He added that the Catholic Mass was the first religious event the team had hosted simply because Cougars media relations coordinator Shawn Touney, a Catholic, had the idea.” – “Illinois Baseball Team Hosts Pre-Game Catholic Mass”, Catholic News Agency