Beckham Receives BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Award

David Beckham is world-famous:  footballer, model, cultural icon…and Catholic!  And most recently, Beckham claims the title of most the newest recipient of the BBC Sports Personality Lifetime Achievement Award, given for his remarkable and outstanding career both on and off the pitch.

Beckham’s has played for some of the biggest football (soccer) clubs in the world, such as Manchester United, AC Milan, Real Madrid.  He broke the salary barrier when he signed with US club L.A. Galaxy, thereby expanding the potential of US Soccer for future team-building.  He transformed from a national villian in 1998 into a hero in 2001 during his time playing for England.  Outside the realm of football, Beckham has made headlines for his outlandish sense of style, his modeling career, and his famous family.

The full list of Beckham’s contributions and achievements is far too long to post here, but let’s just put it this way: I “google imaged” Becks, and Google offered 3.3 million available photos of him.

As both a United and England supporter, I am forever a fan of David Beckham, and am very pleased with the BBC’s decision.  Congratulations, Becks.