Parenting Question: Is It Okay to Have a Drink in Front of the Kids?

When you get together with friends and family for a holiday, barbeque, or just dinner you might like to enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a beer with your meal. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a drink or two amongst friends. A post on Dad’s Round Table caught my eye though yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. The post is titled, “Do I Drink Too Much?”, and it focuses on the feelings one dad has about drinking in front of his children.

To be completely clear this is not a father who is tossing back too many drinks all the time in front of his kids asking the question. This dad was just looking for an opinion about the occasional beer that he likes to enjoy. There were many different responses to his post, but I wanted to share my opinion on the matter. I think that a parent should be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine or a beer or two in front of their children. This of course is an occasional occurrence like family parties, holidays, or other special occasions. I believe that showing your children your ability to drink moderately and responsibly is part of being a good role model. Children learn behaviors every day from their parents, so if they grow up seeing that having a drink or two is acceptable behavior once in a while that is great.

This question can be applied on so many levels of parenting. When in doubt, just be a good role model! You don’t have to be a perfect person to be a good role model either, there is a difference.

Do you think it is okay for a parent to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer while their children are around?