The World’s Best Advent Calendar: Promoting the Work of a Hospital

Every year at home we have some sort of Advent calendar in the house. There have been some homemade ones and some fancier ones that I bought throughout the years, but overall the main idea is just the tradition of having one. I read a pretty awesome story today though about an Advent calendar that is definitely better than any of the ones I have ever had.

A bunch of people who support the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem are teaming up to make an internet Advent calendar this year. The purpose is to encourage people all over the world to learn more about the staff and patients of the hospital. This hospital is apparently located only 500 yards away from what is traditionally considered the birth spot of Jesus Christ.

The group will launch the site within the first few days of December, and it will feature a different video, blog post, picture, or some other form of information every day. They just want to raise awareness for a very important hospital who saves many lives every year.

To learn more about the Advent calendar read this story: Advent Calendar to Promote Work of Bethlehem Hospital