Evangelizing is Something All Christians Should Do

I celebrate with the people of Fargo with the installation and ordination of their new bishop, Bishop John T. Folda. The newly appointed bishop gave a very inspiring message during his Mass of ordination. I was especially moved when he gave these words of encouragement: “We must proclaim Christ, in season and out of season, by our words, whether vocal or written or blogged or tweeted or in any other medium available to us – we must share Christ with all our brothers and sisters around us.” Evangelizing is something all Christians should do in my opinion.

Indeed, we must all take part in sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. As opposed to what a lot of Christians think, we have all been commissioned by God to evangelize. And I believe we all have our own means of doing so. “Proclaiming Christ” is not just limited to preaching, it simply means sharing the good news of Jesus–however and whatever way we can. Evangelizing is something all Christians should do.

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