USCCB Approves First Preaching Document in Thirty Years

The USCCB in Baltimore has been productive. For the first time in nearly thirty years they have approved a new document on preaching. The document I am speaking of is “Preaching the Mystery of Faith: The Sunday Homily”, and is intended to make Sunday homilies a little easier to relate to. The Church wants preachers to connect with people’s daily lives and help them feel more engaged by the homilies they hear. This is especially important on Sunday’s when there are the largest amount of people in attendance.

To read more about this topic visit this link that will take you to Catholic News: Bishops OK First New Preaching Document in Thirty Years

Dorothy Day to Become Considered for Sainthood

There will be a vote this week during the US Bishop’s General Assembly to advance the cause for Dorothy Day’s canonization as a saint. Cardinal Dolan is the leading advocate for the cause, and will make his case to the other bishops at this week’s meetings. Dorothy Day has already been given the title “Servant of God”, which happened in 2000 when Cardinal O’Connor first advocated her canonization. Day passed away on November 29, 1980 and was quoted during her life for saying, “If I have accomplished anything in my life, it is because I have not been embarrassed to talk about God”. To learn more about the life of Dorothy Day check out the Biography of Dorothy Day featured on Catholic Worker Movement.

We will without a doubt be hearing more about this development soon and will keep you posted!