Put the troops on your Christmas shopping list!

Generosity is a major component of Christmas, and though it comes in many forms (mostly in gift-form), giving back to the community is a rather productive way to show just how generous you are.

With that in mind, this year I am planning on giving back to the troops.  There are plenty of ways to donate to the military, with some sites simply asking for enough money to cover postage for letters!  You can write letters, sponsor care packages, or even make your own.  And if you choose this latter option, you’ll also have the opportunity to be a bit creative.

Oh sure, the basics are important in creating a care package: soap, blankets, etc.,  but what about something special in there as well?  A letter showing your appreciation, a St. Michael or St. Christopher medal to keep them safe, even maybe a game!

Sending off a care package or donating online to the troops definitely raises a bit of suspicion at times: how can you be assured your gift actually reached the troops?  Well, mycatholicblog suggests sticking to well-established organizations, like the USO or soldiersangels.org.  And yes, your donations are often received anonymously, but that’s sort of the point of generosity, really: to give without expecting anything in return.

The troops do it for us all year round.  The very least we can do is give back during the holiday season.