The Catholic Church is Definitely Cool

I was visiting Patheos recently to read as usual, (great site check it out!) and I came across a post called “Ten Reasons the Catholic Church is Cool”. The title caught my attention and drew me in so I had to read this article. The author’s list included many things that I thought were definitely cool, so I am going to share a few of them with you.

My favorite reason that the Catholic Church is cool is that there are some traditions we still practice that were created in 33 AD. That is a long time! This wasn’t necessarily a fact I wasn’t aware of, but the post reminded me how rich in tradition the Church really is. A funny one that they included was about Saint Francis of Assisi. Saint Francis of Assisi advocated and spread peace and love before the hippies did.

Church Receives Thanks of U2’s Bono for Efforts in Debt Forgiveness

The famous U2 front man Bono recently thanked the Catholic Church for their involvement in the Drop the Debt campaign. The campaign allowed some of the world’s poorest countries to be free of financial obligations to other nations. These countries may have been able to pay for the debt eventually, but it would have crippled things like their education and health programs. I thought it was pretty cool to see a celebrity like Bono thank the Church.

To learn more about this story for the link: Bono Thanks Vatican for Helping with Debt Forgiveness