How Would You Run Your Own Catholic School?

I went to a Catholic school growing up, and I believe that the education I received shaped the rest of my life. It was a much different experience than those who went to public school received, and I really think that above everything else my discipline is much better than those who attended public school. That discipline has taken me far in life, and I think that a structured, Catholic education is to thank for that.

I read a post on Ignitum Today titled, “If I Were a Principal at a Catholic School I Would…”. The article gave a top ten list of the things the author would do for his Catholic school. I thought some of his ideas were pretty good like still teaching at least one class per day even though he would be the principal. Also making sure that the faculty was Catholic was a priority for him. That sounds basic, but isn’t always the case anymore at Catholic schools. The rest of his ideas were pretty good too. What would you do as the principal of a Catholic school?

Saint Joseph Catholic in Florida Partners with Notre Dame

A read a really refreshing story today about a Catholic school in Florida that, in my opinion, is setting a model for many more Catholic schools to follow. Saint Joseph Catholic School in West Tampa Bay has partnered with the University of Notre Dame and the Diocese of Saint Petersburg in the Notre Dame ACE Academies. The goal of the program is to make Catholic schools and their communities stronger. This is important because Catholic school enrollment has been dwindling in recent years, mostly because these schools simply have fewer resources than public schools.

To learn more about what this school is doing to make strives educationally check out the post “Catholic School Reform Takes Root in Florida”.

Missouri Catholic School in Contest for $500,000

“Our Lady of the Presentation Catholic School, a 480 student elementary school in Missouri is competing for half a million dollars in a Kohl’s department store online contest that ends Friday night. Though they still hope to be among the winning schools, they can already see the positive effects the contest has had on the community.

The school, located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri is currently ranked in seventh place in the Kohl’s Care Foundation’s $10 million online contest. The top 20 schools in the country receiving votes via Facebook by Friday night will each receive $500,000.

Principal of Our Lady of the Presentation (OLP), Jodi Briggs told CNA that the school decided to participate in the contest in July in order to raise needed funds.

If the kindergarten through eighth grade school is one of the 20 winners, Briggs said, it will use the money to improve technology and add classrooms and spaces for students. “We are looking into adding additional classrooms or creating mobile computer labs” as well as “adding wireless capabilities” and “creating a multi-purpose space for band and choir,” she added.

Facing a growing number of students, the principal explained the expansion is needed as they currently “have to limit the number of students in classrooms, therefore creating a waiting lists for students wanting a Catholic education.”

Despite having an enrollment under 500 with the majority of students under the contest’s minimum voting age of 13 years old, Briggs explained that the school has successfully promoted the contest so far due to “the huge volunteer base of parents and parishioners that have come on board to help.”

“Our parish, diocese and community have rallied behind us,” Briggs continued. At the parish level, she said that the OLP priests have been “encouraging people to vote after Mass.” In addition, parents of students have volunteered time to help retired parishioners set up Facebook accounts and vote in the school computer lab.” – “Catholic Elementary School Makes Run at $500,000 Prize”, Catholic News Agency

This posting from Catholic News Agency tells about a Catholic school in Missouri attempting to win a big prize to make some changes to their school. Hopefully they are able to win this contest because Catholic schools all over could always use a little bit of extra money to invest into making their school a better learning facility. The entire parish has been pushing very hard to try and win and I hope their efforts work out for them all. To read the full article, click here.