The Eucharist: The Meaning of God’s Gift to All Catholics

Catholics receive the Eucharist when they go up to the alter to receive the bread and wine. This is a representation of the Last Supper when Jesus said the bread was his body and the wine was his blood and extended them to his disciples.

The Importance of the Eucharist to Catholics

Receiving the bread and wine during communion is an important part of being a Catholic. It reminds us that we are part of God’s life. We are much like the disciples that sat with Jesus on that sacred Last Supper day.

Why We Need the Eucharist

But why do we need this reminder every time we go to Mass? We need it because without taking in the body and blood of Jesus, we tend to succumb to the demands of life and forget what we really need to concentrate on.

As human beings, we are naturally drawn to material possessions. We work so we can afford to live a lifestyle that is much more than we need. We stress about things that are not what God wants us to stress about. We fail to do what God wants us to do in our life, which is to follow Him.

When we go to church, we take time to reflect on our life. We put God back into our life and remember what we haven’t done in accordance to Him. We then think of what we can do in the coming days to follow His path. We correct our lives and bring back the true meaning of life.

The Eucharist is the final confirmation that we have God inside of us. When we leave the church, the body and blood we received remains with us. God remains with us. Being able to take our reflections and the symbolism of the bread and wine gives us what we need to follow the scriptures.

Human beings are not perfect. We may try our hardest to do what is right in accordance with God but we make mistakes and we succumb to temptations. God knows this…He cares for us though. As long as we actively try to improve our life and do what is right by Him he forgives us for our faults. He sees the good in us. He sees our soul.

Many people stay away from church because of the guilt they feel from not doing what they should do but what these people need is the Eucharist. They need the reminder that they have God with them always and even though they haven’t been doing the best lately, they can always change their path when God is with them.

How to Bring the Meaning of Eucharist into Your Life

The next time you receive the Eucharist, remember how you are taking in the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Feel Him inside of you, caring for you and loving you. Having someone with you at all times whom only wants the best for you can make you live a deeper spiritual life.